Tanking up energy

Hello? Can you hear me?

Please don’t go. Surround me with your love. Understand me. I need you now. Surround me with your words. Understand me. I need your love. I need your love. I need your love. After a week without sleep. The submission of three major fellowship proposals. The data analysis for another manuscript. And hours and hours of teaching lab practices to a beginner. My body full of stress hormones. I need to hide in your arms. My energy is limited. Look at our beautiful daughter. Surround me. I need you now. I do not want anything more than sleeping in the living room while you are talking and she is playing. Paradise.

Üseri Zwetschge

Üseri Zwetschge

Au üseri Zwetschge...

Au üseri Zwetschge…

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