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Table 1: The influence of treatment, maternal, paternal, maternal x paternal effects, and bacterial diversity on brown trout embryo survival.

a = Five main logistic mixed effect models were compared to a reference model (in bold) to test if treatment ‘T’, dam ‘D’, sire ‘S’, and bacterial alpha diversity (phylogenetic distance, for its calculation see Material and methods) on the eggs explain a significant part of the variance in embryo mortality of brown trout. Alpha diversity was measured on the eggs before fertilization ‘A1’ or 14 days after treatment with nutrient broth ‘A2’. Two additional models were fitted to investigate the interaction of treatment with dam and sire effects. These models were fitted using the combined data of all three treatments (controls, nutrient broth at a dilution of 1:1000 and 1:500 in the wells).

b = The effects of the two different bacterial alpha diversity measures, random sire and random dam effects on embryo survival were also investigated within treatments.

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