Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2017

in Boonville.

Well, I did not expect I would have such a good time with Donny and the kids at the world music festival. It was too hot and too loud. It was at times 41° C in the shade! But we had a great time. Donny talked to many artists, collected jingles, interviewed, and we enjoyed the songs. Linnea made friends in the family zone. We arrived late so we could say a proper good bye to the Nusslés and we left early so we would not cook in the heat. After watching the kids during all my field trips and meetings, Donny deserved this special treat. It feels good to be married to a DJ.


family picture

teaching him some dance moves

my friend the redwood

DJW with Christopher Ellis (youngest male progeny of the Godfather of Jamaican Rocksteady)

DJW with Gappy Ranks from Oakland (Jacoby Lee Williams)

Linnea with Marla Brown – daughter of legendary Dennis Brown

Linnea going wild

Lee Scratch Perry during his interview

DJW with Macka B

DJW and Gentleman (my first live Reggae act 16 years ago)

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